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Our company

Ntsengo Solutions was founded in 2012 and has since continued to grow in the South African market as a complete ICT systems integrator, providing solution and services across the full information value chain,Read On


Ntsengo Solutions is a leading integrated ICT services and solutions partner and has its focus set on enabling its costomers to grow their businesses. Check our solutions page for more info.

Systems and Innovation

Ntsengo Solutions uses leading technologies - with innovative, flexible solution design - to drive customer business strategies.

People and Partners

Our people and trusted partnerships with our customers, shareholders and technology vendors are our most valuable assets.


Complete infrastucture solutions that support data centre optimisation and transformation.The company's integrated offering encompasss a cutting-edge technology component that helps customers drive their business strategies forward.

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Are you confident in your busines IT Infrastructure?

Unless the answer is a resounding and unqualified "Yes!" we encourage you to contact us today and learn more about our subscription-based IT services. Whatever the needs of your business, we provide comprehensive solutions that can be scaled to match your individual requirements.

Don't continue wasting your time, energy and resources on something that we can provide efficiently and affordably.


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